Warranty Information

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All BuckCool-branded systems have a standard limited warranty of a 12 year parts and 7 year compressor warranty from the date of purchase. If registered within 90 days of a residential installation, BuckCool systems will be upgraded to an extended warranty consisting of a 5 year parts and 12 year compressor warranty from the date of initial installation for the original registrant. The warranty will be upheld when the unit has a system failure that has been deemed a factory defect by a factory-authorized, EPA-certified contractor and the diagnosis is approved by BuckCool. 

Warranty Resolution Process

In order for any warranty situation to be resolved, the following process must be followed:

1. A factory-authorized, EPA-certified contractor must diagnose the equipment and provide a diagnosing procedure, part number or part description that is needed, and the model and serial number(s) of the system in question. BuckCool may also request an original installation invoice at its discretion. This information will need to be submitted to BuckCool before a replacement part is sent out.

2. At the discretion of BuckCool, when all documentation is submitted, an BuckCool technician may elect to reach out to the equipment owner and/or the contractor diagnosing the equipment to attempt to resolve the situation without replacement part(s). This is in an attempt to eliminate part lead times and extensive costs to the equipment owner.

3. Once the warranty paperwork is accepted by BuckCool, a representative will reach out to the system’s owner and ask for payment information at the discretion BuckCool as a representative reviews the documentation. If requested, this payment method will be used to pay for shipping and for the part(s) diagnosed as needed on the BuckCool system.


4. Once the faulty part(s) are sent to BuckCool, they will be tested to ensure the issue is a result of a factory fault. If the part(s) are deemed faulty, the amount paid for the part will be reimbursed. Round trip shipping and any labor associated with the diagnosing and part(s) replacement process will not be reimbursed. BuckCool maintains the right to refuse reimbursements for any reason except where prohibited, including but not limited to the conditions provided in this document.

5. Replacement part(s) will be shipped to the owner, dealer, or factory-authorized, EPA-certified contractor at the discretion of BuckCool

Warranty Limitations

1. Any labor or other costs incurred for the diagnosis, handling, installation, operation, removal, repair, service, or shipping of failed parts, replacement parts, or new units. Refrigerant or any costs related to refrigerant will not be supplied.

2. Any product installed in violation to any and all applicable governmental minimum efficiency standards.

3. Standard maintenance not covered under this Limited Warranty designed to cover only parts and compressors.

4. Damage, labor, parts, or repairs required as a consequence of improper shipping and handling, improper installation, improper

5. Damages due to electrical conditions outside of the equipment including but not limited to improper voltage conditions, blown fuses, open circuit breakers, or interruption of any electrical or other service required for use.

6. Damages resulting from flooding, wind, fire, lightning, accidents, corrosive environments, rust, general wear, or other conditions beyond the control of BuckCool. This also includes any damages as a result of any third-party, non-BuckCool approved parts.

7. Any refrigerant needed for installation, warranty, or any other process related to any BuckCool product.

8. Any labor, lodging, transportation, electricity, or any fuel costs associated with any equipment for any reason whatsoever.

9. Any special or indirect commercial damage of any kind, unless your jurisdiction does not allow this exclusion.